Zendrum Orchestra






with Sakou Kande





we give you the beat,


you make the music!


The Zendrum Orchestra is our main Team building product. We bring you the power and energy of the ancient drums of West Africa. You, the players will astound yourselves and each other at how good you can sound together, even after only one hour!!


From simple rythmic exercises, we can quickly produce complex polyrythmic patterns, joyful and empowering for all.


The power and effectiveness of African drumming as a Team building experience is widely acknowledged. The drum is the most ancient of instruments, its simplicity and primitive construction contrast with the complexity and sophistication of traditional drumming. Each player produces a simple sound, yet under the guidance of the Master Drummer, a complex polyrhythm is created that transports everyone into a gestalt that is a new and transformative experience.

Yet drumming is not just about feeling good together and building bridges, it is also an ancient healing practice. Many traditional cultures used drumming and rhythm for healing, it is capable of creating new ways of seeing and relating to one self and the world, and is in fact used in various therapeutic settings today.

Our Maestro Sakou Kande is one of the very best exponents of this art, with many years experience of teaching people from all over the world as well as being the teacher of choice of celebrity drummers.