Both Golf and Yoga are popular activities that require physical and mental prowess and involve concentrated effort combined with physical relaxation and power.

Yoga has much to offer the Golfer, both in terms of muscular development, breath control and psychological conditioning. The correct Yoga practice will lead the Golfer to improved performance both on and off the course.

Both Golf and Yoga are also activities the impact of which goes beyond the mere participation in the game or practice. Golf is an intense activity that requires the maximum of concentration and preparation, it is also fundamentally a challenge to oneself, a search for perfection. Our behaviour of the Golf course can bring light onto other aspects of our lives and so it can act as a laboratory for change.

Yoga is also fundamentally a challenge to oneself, a search for perfection that goes beyond the boundaries of posture and flexibility to encompass the highest reaches of mental and spiritual achievement.

The union of Golf and Yoga is still unexplored territory, on a physical level, the correct postures (asana) practice can release tight muscles and joints and develop strength and power where needed. Breath control (pranayama), serves to stabilize emotions and calm the nervous system, Meditation (dhyana) serves to focus the mind and develop mental clarity and will power.

However real Yoga has always been a method of psychological perfection. Psychological Self inquiry (Svadhyaya) is a much neglected aspect of Classical Yoga that leads to psychological and emotional freedom and hence to Mastery, on or off the golf course.

This is our specialization and our mission.


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