pain relief from the buddhist tradition


You are at work, your back aches, or you have neck pain, or constipation, but thats ok, because you know you can get it sorted, at work!

Myopractic is a fast and effective method of reducing of many common types of body pain. Treatments are recieved fully clothed and last from 15 minutes to half an hour.


Myopractic is a healing modality which derives from the understanding of Traditional Buddhist Medicine. The human being consist of the 6 elements (earth, water, wind, fire, space, mind), when these elements are out of balance, a disturbed relationship ensues, which is perceived as pain or suffering. Accordingly the Myopractitioner seeks to identify areas of imbalance and correct them, at the same time seeking a true understanding of the cause. In this way a skilled Myopractitioner can remove physical pain and at the same time engage the client in an exploration of the possible causes of the pain (posture, work, stress, climate, diet etc)

The majority of complaints are related to the interruption of the Wind element, due to congestion, this in turn leads to stagnation and eventually inflammation and degradation.

Buddhist medicine sees all non external causes of suffering as arising first in the mind, which finds its modern interpretation in the acceptance of the role of stress as a cause of illness and suffering in the modern work place.


Our trained operatives can visit your office for a demonstration