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misuriamo ciò che motiva le persone




What we do


Zen is the Eastern practice of stilling the mind in order to realize our true nature.

Elysium is the ancient greek and roman concept of a place of abiding peace and happiness.


At Zensium we implement stategies that identify and resolve the inner conflicts, insecurities and consequent behaviour that limit so many people, and act a continuing barrier to personal and corporate success.


We propose the ancient understanding that Self confidence, coherent and effective action, resilience and success in our endeavours are realized as a natural product of true self understanding.


To this end, our interventions are geared at clarifying who we are.


Our practices have effects in the mental, emotional, physical and social spheres to bring you harmony and coherence and clarity, without which optimum function remains an unrealistic proposition.


Each and every outcome is step towards greater self understanding and coherence.


In the world of human resource management, we engage the human in a process of self discovery and attainment