How we work



How we work


Our services start with an initial visit to understand your needs and explain in detail our methodology.

Focusing on your areas of concern we then design a strategy for improvement and optimization.

Usually our first intervention is with physical health, using Myopractic to reduce the common aches and pains so often asociated with work today. This immediately creates an atmosphere of optimism and care within the workplace.

After that we adress the inner fields of self integration and coherence, using 7 minute yoga and Self Inquiry.

Maintaining and improving clarity and inner peace is achieved through The Conscious Breath and Meditation techniques.

The Social and interpersonal realm is optimized through The Zendrum Orchestra, in workshops and retreats, fostering feelings of unity and togetherness, compassion and acceptence.

Particular individual concerns and advanced programs are adressed on a one to one basis.



Package and programs:


  • Weekly Myopractic: Treating staff for aches and pains at work. Visits last 4 hours and can treat up to 10 individuals.
  • Seven Minute Yoga: Three group classes of one hour each. The first class deals with explaining how the method works and introducing the basics. The second class one week later is to teach the method in more detail. The third class is a follow up to ensure that the practice is being carried out correctly and ensures individual attention to each participant.
  • Meditation and Conscious breathing: On demand, one hour classes to explain and teach the practice.
  • Self understanding: a series of 10 hourly meetings with group of up to 6 participants.
  • Zendrum Orchestra: Weekly classes on group or individual basis
  • Retreats: Weekend retreats to include all Zensium services
  • Self Optimization engagements: These are unique day long personal engagements that go deeply into removing blockages and investigating the source of limitations.