Confidence Optimism Resilience Efficacy




CORE activities and practices have as their aim the betterment and optimization of staff functioning. Each of the practices can be taken on thier own, or combined for greater effect. CORE stands for Confidence, Optimism, Resilience and Efficacy. The practices we teach lead to the enhancement of these key qualities or characteristics. In turn the presence of these qualities in an individual will lead to a reduction of negative behaviour in the people with whom they relate.


Confidence is the faith in ones self, that one is doing the right thing at the right time in the right place. It is the knowledge that ones actions are correct and ones perceptions and understanding are true. Zensium practices that increase confidence include The seven minute wonder, Self Inquiry.



Optimism is the result of self confidence. When we are sure of our selves there is born a confidence that obstacles can be overcome and objectives achieved. Optimism gives energy and a positive outlook on all situations, which in turn protects us from fear, envy, falseness and negative emotions. In its largest context, optimism is the guarantee of a succesful and meaningful life



Resilience is the ability to withstand change, set backs and the stresses of life. It is the capacity to endure and stay the course until outcomes are achieved. Resilience is born of inner peace and coherence. Zensium practices that improve resilience include Myopractic, Self Inquiry, 7 Minute wonder, Conscious breathing, Meditation.



Efficacy is the ability to achieve a desired outcome. It is the final consequence of confidence in ones self and abilities, objective view and resilience. All Zensium practices improve efficacy.