Self Inquiry



Self Inquiry

Know Thyself


The optimized human being is one who has realized his or her innate perfection and so operates with clarity and confidence



The use of the powers of mind to arrive at true understanding is called Svadhyaya or Self Inquiry in Yoga.

It would seem obvious that any endeavour to understand life and behave correctly, would start with the inquiry into the nature of who we are before turning the attention to the outside world. Yet this is precisely what has not happened in modern life, with lamentable consequences.

The value of asking the right questions is that the truths that are revealed lead to increased energy, self confidence, initiative and effectiveness at all levels. This is because the truth is by its nature the liberation from the pervasive ignorance and misunderstanding (Avidya in Yoga, lit. non seeing), which is the root cause of all our suffering.

This Avidya is deeply ingrained in the modern world, and passes for common sense, yet, it will be shown, it has no basis.


Our courses start with the ancient query “Who am I?” and lead progressively to a clear understanding which can give a positive answer.

A person who knows who he or she is, has the world at their feet.