OrthoMind© training



OrthoMind© (OM) is a method of psychological and emotional training which enables the practitioner to attain and maintain clarity and emotional equilibrium in all situations. This clarity and equanimity leads to enhanced self confidence, engagement, creativity, tolerance and resilience.

OM training leads to optimism in all situations, a way of viewing and living life that is ever positive. So called negative situations are viewed as opportunities to growth and understanding. This is achieved both through an appreciation of the positive functional role of optimism as a psychological choice and through the understanding of the actual condition of the personal and transpersonal identity and their role in experience and life in general.

The final goal of OM is the discovery of the True Self and the realization that the fundamental drivers of life, the search for security and freedom can be realised through correcting the false self view that leads to alienation, separation, anxiety and dissatisfaction.

OM is an easy to use, corrective intervention which is substantially based on the ancient traditional knowledge of the human condition and applied to the modern workplace.


OrthoMind trainings have 4 levels:

1.Integration: Practices of Inner coherence, harmony and integrity: This is the initial process which is indispensable. By harmonizing and integrating the various aspects of our selves, physically, emotionally, mentally, we can free up energy which allows a new way of being possible. At the same time the resulting coherence is felt as an increase in wellbeing and inner freedom, we become calmer and more at ease with life. The exercises last only a few minutes a day and have a cumulative effect, the more we do them, the better we become.


2.Investigation: Investigation takes two approaches, Inner and Outer. Inner investigation is to explore the nature of who we are by turning the mind in upon itself, searching within ourselves to find truth. Outer investigation is to explore the physiological and neurological mechanisms of experience and perception, to understand how we engage with the world and its effect upon us.


3.Acceptation: The courage to be open. Changes in self perception and the growth of the inner being are vastly helped by the practice of an open minded trust in whatever is going on. This is an attitude of the heart and includes such conditions as acceptance, trust, curiosity, and faith.


4.Realization: the fourth part of OrthoMind® is known as Realization. This is an event that occurs and cannot be learnt. Realization brings unshakeable confidence, vision and authenticity. People who are Realized are able to handle any situation, they have no problems, only situations and opportunities for growth.


OrthoMind® aims to help you Realize your Self, as a natural Sovereign being subject to none, drawing your Presence directly from the source of life, which is the true human condition. Each of us have the possibility to realize this Sovereignty, a state of inner freedom which allows us to deal with life’s challenges from a position of security.