7 minute Yoga


Seven minute Yoga

Inner Teambuilding for coherence and clarity

The correct practice of these simple exercises will bring benefits to your body, your mind, your work and relationships. Allowing you to deal with stress effectively.



What is Seven minute Yoga?


7 minute Yoga has been developed by Mark Whitwell, foremost authority on Yoga (www.heartofyoga.com). Mark studied and researched Yoga for decades with some of the greatest teachers of our era. His passion to discover authentic and meaningful Yoga, that was “neither physical or spiritual gymnastics”, brought him to understanding . Aware that most people live busy lives he finally arrived at seven minutes as an acceptable daily practice.


Why do Yoga?


Because we suffer. Our suffering takes many forms, from common anxieties and insecurities, to serious tragedies like abuse, famine and war. Even if we are personally content, it is impossible not to worry about the future, the world our children will live in.

At work we are often under stress, and the more our career proceeds, the more stress we have, we work longer hours, not less, more responsibilities, more complexity, more expectations asked of us, less time, this is stress. Stress related diseases are endemic, it is literally killing us.


The ancient Yogis saw all this thousands of years ago, and they came up with a remedy: Get connected!


Stress is fear, fear is contraction, contraction is separation, separation creates more fear and so on. Yoga takes us back to that point before we became separate. Yoga brings us back into the ever present state of never being separate. When we reach that understanding of what we are, we feel and function much better. We deal with the presenting issues with clarity and confidence.


Yoga shows us the following:


1.We are not separate from source reality/truth

2.Life is created anew in each instant

3.We are completely safe always



Even without delving into the deep mysteries of life, yoga works instantly to create inner peace and clarity. It is both mysterious and quite simple, based on a profound understanding of how our minds work.


“Yoga is simply your direct participation in the nurturing power of this cosmos that is you.”

-Mark Whitwell



Managers and staff of Perlunica Srl learning & minute yoga.

Managers and staff of Perlunica Srl performing 7 minute Yoga