Client Testimonies





" Over the last year, my company has succesfully used the services of Zensium in the form of 7 minute Yoga, Myopractic, Meditation and Self Inquiry


The effects on job satisfaction and well-being has been tremendous. Nemir’s capacity and ability to convey the positive effects of yoga and meditation has even meant that many employees have taken up the activities outside of the workplace. The Myopractic sessions are often cited as the most important social benefit in our company.


I can highly recommend Nemir for any company seeking to improve staff creativity and productivity"


Soren Alexander Poulsen

CEO Perlunica srl. (Trollbeads Italia)



"Nemir is a true added value to the company. Professional and attentive, he helps us to always bring out the best in ourselves, and to be attentive to our wellbeing.

Expert in all aspects of Yoga, meditation and health treatments, his intervention in the company is not only pleasurable but also a true and veritable boost for productivity. After each session, we are practicaly reborn!!!

I can fully recommend to all to experience the benefits that can be obtained through these practices!" - Chiarra Mazzilli , Director of Human Resources, Perlunica Srl.


" Myopractic has literally changed my life, it was better than any therapy as I got much needed mind-body connection and sorted out my back pain whihc was stress related. I have since gon on to become a best selling author and I am sure that the Myopractic sessions was a part of that success. " - Jessica Alexander, Co-founder Trollbeads Italia and Best selling authorof The Danish Way of Parenting.



" I have been now enjoying this technique for more than half a year. It has helped me to relax better, to stay more focused. Our discussios gave me a lot of food for thought and I found them inspiring and enriching. I would recommend to everyone that wants to become and stay healthier and more lively." MA. Head of Human Resources, United Nations Organization.