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Nemir Adjina

Yoga, Myopractic, Meditation, Self Inquiry

Sara Manuelli

Yoga, Communications and promotion

Nemir Adjina Yoga, Myopractic and Self Inquiry

Nemir is the founder and CEO of Zensium. He is a Presenter and motivator with over two decades of experience in personal growth and human development. His path, in parallel to an international career as an architect, has taken him from the jungles of Brazil, the plains of Argentina and deserts of Mexico, Traditional Sufi lodges in London and bioenergetic retreats in New York. He has also studied Asian healing practices with Traditional Doctors and healers who uphold the ancient knowledge as part of an unbroken line of transmission .

His clients currently include UN directors , diplomatic personnel and managers.

His vision of the incorporation of Traditional knowledge and practice within contemporary HR management is the driving force behind Zensium.

He is author of two books dealing with human development and happiness: Shine - Yoga and Self Realization. and Reflections from a mirror without a surface .

Nemir lives and works in Rome, Italy.




Sara Manuelli Communications and Strategy.

Sara is a Journalist, Communications expert. She has an honous degree in Anthropology form SOAS and a Masters in Journalism. Sara has worked in the Private Sector and with International Agencies and has published a number of books on Design and communication.