Zensium is a human resource optimization company


Utilizing the insights and practices of ancient wisdom traditions,

our services aim at optimizing human resources through enhancement of

Confidence, Objectivity, Resilience and Efficacy (CORE)


"To an extent that we ourselves are only beginning to appreciate, most people at work, even in high-performing organizations, divert considerable energy every day to a second job that no one has hired them to do: preserving their reputations, putting their best selves forward, and hiding their inadequacies from others and themselves. We believe this is the single biggest cause of wasted resources in nearly every company today."


- Kegan, Lahey, Flemming, Miller Harvard Business Review April 2014.


Seven minute Yoga


Personal integration in seven minutes a day




inner power and resilience



pain relief at your place of work


Self Inquiry


understanding leads to success

The conscious breath


take control





empowerment and integration

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